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What is a Life Casting Session?

What is a life casting session? Well, the best way to describe it is a sculpture of your family.There really is something special about hands, they have been held by us, guided by us and done so much in their life, each hand tells a story and are so unique to each person.

Three hands holding each other for hand casting session at Jupiter Moon Brighouse

Life Casting is a relaxing process using specialist materials and a little bit of time and patience. A hand or foot, or several hands are positioned within a container, and an alginate mixture is used to create a mould. Hands are then easily removed, and plaster is poured inside to create the cast. Alginate has amazing properties, to preserve tiny details, wrinkles lines and even Wedding and Engagement rings. Casts must fully dry, before I paint, finish and frame the casts. The whole process from start to finish usually takes 30-45 Minutes and up to an hour for larger groups, and casts are usually ready to display in your home in around 2-3 weeks from your session.

Casts of baby feet cast in platinum create at Jupiter Moon Photo in Brighouse

There is no age limit for making casts, and I can accommodate one baby to large family groups and couples with a little bit of planning. There is also no set time to create a Life Cast. Most people visit me at the start of a new baby's life, but also at the end of life as a way to preserve a loved one.

End of life casting is a little bit different. Obviously if we are making casts, its because we want to preserve our loved ones in the most gentle and special way we can. Depending on the health of each person, you can either attend my studio, I can visit your home, or I'm also able to attend any local hospices or hospitals as long as permission is granted so set up my equipment. I will provide everything I need and also leave everything just as I found it, nice and clean and calm.

Life Castings can be proudly displayed at home on the walls within frames, boldly displayed on the mantelpiece for all to see, or tucked away somewhere special to be enjoyed when you are ready. Below are some examples of the frames I offer for Newborns which can be booked on their own, or added on as part of a Newborn Session.

All of my sessions can be booked via my website:

A frame with baby hands casts and newborn photo created by Jupiter Moon Photography

Sibling hand and feet casts displayed in frame along with newborn photo
Family Hand cast of mother and two children aged 3 and 7

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