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I aim to capture authentic laughter and love, to make memories that can be treasured for a lifetime. I combine lifestyle portraits of families interacting and playing, with some more formal shots if you want this. I make sure to include all combinations of family members and children on their own too so when you choose your final images, that is a true  representation of your family


I have a lovely bright and airy space with white brick walls and flooring, and a range of backdrops to create timeless images that focus on the people in the images, and fit in with almost all decor in your home. I have a range of antique, and vintage children's furniture, as wall as posing blocks and chairs to give us plenty of variety, and all decorations and outfits are included with First Birthday sessions. 


It can feel a little strange to book a Family photoshoot, I hear this all the time from my customers, but the reason they do is always the same. They either don't want to forget the best moments they're experiencing right now, or they have missed too many moments and want to freeze time. A family photoshoot is a chance to appreciate the small things and the people around us, a celebration of what it means to be a family, while reconnecting and having fun. I offer a range of sessions, take a look.

Little boy during his first Birthday Photoshoot


 If you're looking for an experience and way to mark your baby's first birthday. Why not consider booking a  session with me that doesn't feel like a photoshoot, but a mini celebration.

Rock the Box Family Image


A really fun interactive session for up to 9 family members. Document your personalities with a box session. Choose 9 fun poses, add props and outfit changes, or keep it simple as you create a family portrait like no other. I'll work my photoshop magic, to bring it all to life. A great family treat, or gift idea.

Baby Photo of Twin Boys


Missed the newborn window, or prefer to wait for baby smiles and wide eyes? These are a great way to showcase your baby, and capture your first family portraits. From 6 -16 Weeks

Baby girl sitting up in heart prop


This milestone session is for babies who have just learnt to sit up unaided. Usually around 6-7 months of age, they will begin to show their unique personality and will be giving us lots of smiles on cue

Family Portrait of mum and dad and 3 kids in Brighouse


If you're looking to celebrate your family, or want to something to hang proudly at home, we will create a mixture of images of you and your children, or perhaps with your extended family, for a great treat or gift!

Expectant Mother and Father


Available from 30 weeks - 37 weeks, these are perfect to celebrate your pregnancy either with your partner, on your own or with your children. Plus, Mamas are welcome to borrow one of my gowns free of charge!

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