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Choosing a Newborn photographer should be easy... if you love the style of my images, my prices are within your budget, and you're able to travel to my studio in Brighouse, then I hopefully tick all your boxes. BUT there is so much more to a Newborn photoshoot with me, and I'd love to share all the dedication and time I've put into becoming an award Winning Newborn Photographer in Brighouse and enhances what it means to document your baby's first few weeks here with you.


You have worked so hard to bring this tiny human(s) into the world, and you deserve to celebrate their arrival, older siblings getting promoted to big brothers and sisters, and to document what is a huge milestone for you as a parent. With all the important bits taken care of by me, a well organised and cosy space for you to watch me work, and 5 years training I'm able to focus fully on your baby  to create the most amazing photographs of your baby while you sit back and relax.


From arriving at my studio, you can expect to be with me for 2-3 hours. I have everything you will need, so all you need to bring along is your changing bag and sit back and relax. I keep everything really simple, focussing on the baby and following their hunger cues, and need for a cuddle. I will use safe wrapping skills and a Newborn Posing station specifically designed to keep baby safe at all times. Props are a great addition to any session, and as long as baby is happy and relaxed you can choose from my antique and rustic prop collection on display, as well as a range of outfits, tiny teddies, headbands and bonnets.

What to expect in a newborn photoshoot
Booking process for Jupiter Moon Photography Brighouse


  • Paediatric First Aid Certified

  • Breastfeeding Support Worker

  • Newborn Safety Trained

  • Enhanced DBS Certified

  • Postpartum Doula Training


  • Studio is warm and cosy with comfy seating

  • Designated play room for siblings with TV and Games

  • Separate Feeding room (if you prefer privacy)

  • Spare nappies, wipes, muslins and bottle warmer

  • Coffee Machine and Chilled Refreshments

  • Free Parking

  • Secured pram storage

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