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5 Top Gifts to buy Parents of a New Baby

As a mum of two boys, with several nieces, and being a newborn photographer I have received and given my fair share of gifts for a new baby, and new parents. Giving a gift can feel like a really nice thing to do, so if you're taking the time to research this, it obviously means you want to get it right! Kudos!

Here are my 5 Top Gifts to buy Parents of a New Baby, that I've gifted, or been given!

Gift Vouchers!

  • Gifting Mum and Dad experiences to bond with their baby. For example Pregnancy/Postnatal Yoga, Baby Massage or Baby Sensory classes will all be able to offer class vouchers, and allow parents to create memories with their baby from the get go. They will also give new parents a sense of routine and something to look forward to each week and a chance to make new friends.

  • An Gift voucher to visit somewhere once baby is here, will give them an excuse to get out of the house, and also get that much needed Vitamin D. If baby is due in Winter, Cinema Vouchers for Baby Cinema is great fun and isn't too energetic, but gives mum and dad chance to chill out out of the home.

  • Gift vouchers for local independent shops or cafes so they can nip out for coffee and cake, or stock up on nice cheese and bread or a bottle of wine after 9 months off.

  • It could be that they're saving up for something a little bigger like a new cot or travel system, Newborn Photoshoot, or Nursery Furniture, so always ask if they have a favourite store to shop like Mamas and Papas, TKMaxx, John Lewis, or a Photographer they may have spotted. You might not be able to buy the whole item, but contributing towards it means taking some pressure off, and knowing your gift is going to be well used/ loved for a long period of time.

Mum and Dad cuddle each other as they hold newborn baby in kitchen

Take-Out Vouchers, or food subscriptions.

With my first baby, I didn't really expect my birth to be so complicated, and my recovery to take so much time. Add in a tongue tie and lots of midwife visits and appointments, and I could go all day without eating if I wasn't reminded. Such things like a month of Hello Fresh or Gousto delivery could be a godsend. Batch cooking up some hearty meals and dropping them off the doorstep, could possibly make them cry with joy in those early weeks. Also delicious drinks, that aren't just water, or gift cards for a costa coffee/ take away is bound to win you some brownie points, and keep mum and dad feeling good! You don't have to spend a lot, but showing you really care by looking after Mum and Dad is a really great gift and one that will be remembered when they look back at those early newborn days

Think OLDER!

baby holding onto mothers hands as he learns to walk

It's so easy to get excited about this tiny tiny baby, but the truth is the newborn phase is really short, and soon Mum and Dad will be in need of more stimulating toys, bigger clothes, and heading to weaning. It might seem a little premature, but really useful items such as baby's first knife and fork, bowl sets, sippy cups, a food blender, storage tubs for purees, and a mini lunch box are all a hit. Parents won't be thinking past this newborn stage, until it hits them, so if you're an experienced parent, pick something they will need for everyday life, like a high chair or collection of wipeable bibs or a really fun interactive toy.

Date night tokens:

Here's another well received gift for mums and dads, and I wish I'd been gifted something like this! When parents are feeling comfortable to leave baby for a couple/ few hours, give them something fun, that will take their mind off missing baby, and let them relax. Cinema, Spa treatment, Escape room, Crazy golf, bowling, Spa afternoon, Nails or massage appointment for mum. I promise it might not be on their radar with a tiny baby, but I'm sure there will come a point when they could really use a breather, and a voucher with a time limit, might just give them a push to put themselves first.

Mother carries her baby in baby sling

Hands Free Time:

Depending on your budget, I would say a sling or baby carrier would be my most used item. A simple fabric wrap starts at around £10-£15 and can head up to a few hundred £s. A sling is a great tool for helping Mums and Dads to bond with baby, helps aid baby's digestion, and is amazing for babies suffering with wind and colic. It also allows hands free time when baby doesn't want to be put down, but you need a little break or to get things done around the house. If they already have a sling, look into a waterproof cover for outdoor walks, or little knitted socks to keep tiny feet warm.


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