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Creative Lockdown Activities for Children- Photography Challenges.

Hello, my name is Maisy and I'm a photographer, but also a mum.

Here is challenge number 2!

While my photography studio is closed, I have been really enjoying getting back into fun photography. It's such a great outlet for any emotions and anxiety I've been experiencing, and can be.a really great tool, especially for children to use as a coping mechanism. Let them escape reality, or look at the world in a new way.Give them focus, and a project to work on that's a little outside the box.

Lockdown 3 is a tough one hey? Homeschooling isn't as fun this time around, and I'm having to think outside of the box to give our daily some fun outdoor time considering it's winter a flipping freezing!

Over the next few blog posts, I'll be sharing easy activities you can do with your children while at home or out on a daily walk. They are ideal for young 'uns and teens.

I hope you enjoy, please share any results you may come up with.


Photography Challenge for Children. Outdoor Learning
Photography Activités for Kids

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