Hypnobirthing for a positive birth.

Many of you will know, I'm a mum of two, and a complete birth enthusiast since my second pregnancy. With my first baby I pretended it wasn't going to happen, ignored any advice to learn about labour and didn't even visit the birth centre or hospital!! In the end I had a bit of a shock with, complications, induction and quite a miserable time trying to breastfeed a tongue tied baby while recovering.

When I found out I was pregnant a second time, I dreamed of nothing more than having a positive birth, and to do that, I needed to start to do some research, understand my body and what I was about to go through, so that I was fully prepared for every outcome.

LOVE YOUR BIRTH - Hypnobirthing with Abby Watson

I discovered hypnobirthing, and was recommended by so many people to give it a shot with a lovely local lady. If you haven't heard of it like me, you will probably form your own opinion just by the sound of it's name: Hippy, Earth Mother, Hemp wearing, Incense sticks and hypnosis. These are all ways I've heard it be described and received many eye rolls when I told them I was choosing to hypnobirth. However, it's NOTHING like this!

Hypnobirthing is very science based, and you will learn all about your body's way of promoting birth and working through your labour with breathing techniques and visulation. Of course, there's also a misunderstanding that you can't use pain relief with hypnobirthing! You absolutely can! It's just showing you what's available and how you can use this for the best birth possible in every circumstance from a home- birth to C-Section.

I chose to take a hypnobirthing course with Abby based in mirfield. I was around 26 weeks pregnant as it's best to take the course as early as possible so you've got plenty of time to practice. It was a 3 week course, 4 hour sessions on a weekend with another 4 couples attending too. Over the weeks we discussed our birth stories, hopes and dreams for our birth and beyond. We spent lots of time breaking down why people fear birth, and a lot of it stems from the media and talking to people who had negative experiences who just love to share and make you feel like you will also have the same experience. Not true!

The aim of the course was to leave feeling informed about our choices and options. How to create a lovely space when in labour to help things move along while you feel safe and comfortable. Birth partners also learn how to support mum to be, and how they can be useful in labour when dealing with any health professionals. You discuss positions to help deal with contractions,talk about the different stages and what you could do to keep busy and help labour progress at home, and also what kind of things you might be able to use for pain relief.

The most valuable part of the course for me was how our bodies work. How our hormones synchronise with how we're feeling at the time, and the huge impact this can have on how we birth our babies. I wish I had discovered this early, and hope you will take some time to learn a little bit about your options too.


Midwives are marvellous people, and when you talk to them and help them to understand what it is you want from your birth, they can offer so much valuable information and support. If you have any questions, no matter how silly you think they are ask your midwife. and if you don't feel like the answer you were given is enough, ask again or call AIMS this is a charity run by midwives and health professionals and you can call them with any questions. They will offer factual information, statistics and support throughout pregnancy and labour:


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