Newborn Photography

Are you looking for a photographer that is baby led, safety trained, and able to work with you to create timeless photographs that mark your family history?

The reason I'm so passionate about working with newborns, and their older siblings, is because it's a life changing occasion and should be celebrated just like your wedding day.

When your baby arrives you change from a 'person' to a 'parent' your first child becomes a sibling, and those first weeks will be the wildest, most amazing, love filled blur you will ever go through.

Booking a newborn session with me, allows me to capture early memories of you, and your baby that would otherwise be missed.

I have trained relentlessly over the past year during lockdown, and feel prouder than ever that when I welcome you to my studio, you will enjoy the experience, and I'll give all of my support to ensure you are comfortable and your baby is in safe hands.

When to Book?

 To secure a Newborn session within your due month, please make an enquiry early as I do tend to get booked up in advance.  When you book, I will take a £100 deposit, and then when bay arrives, we finalise a an exact date when you have had a rest and are ready to leave the house.

Newborn sessions can take place between birth and 28 days as they tend to sleep a lot and are happy being curled up like in the womb. After 4 weeks, sessions tend to take a little longer, but babies are welcome up to 6 weeks. If your baby arrives earlier than planned or you need more time to rest yourself, fear not, I will always work with you to ensure baby is happy and healthy, and you are too.

Baby Safety and Comfort comes first!

I like to be baby led. I keep everything simple, and focus on the baby, following their hunger cues, and need for a cuddle. I use safe wrapping skills and a newborn posing bean bag, having completed a course on newborn safety and training in posing, so you know your baby is always well looked after. 

Babies naturally enjoy warmth, darkness and feeling secure, so my studio is designed with this in mind, and you can sit and watch with a cup of coffee and some music, or play with your older child in my chill out room.

Your family friendly photographer creating artwork and lasting memories of your bumps, births, newborns and families.

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