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From the moment you arrive at my studio, the aim of your session is to play! 

We will start with a Birthday set- up including a white balloon arch, posing chairs and mini bench if your baby is still sitting or needs support for cruising. 

We'll move on to your family portraits, and shots with any older siblings who might like to come along, then catch bubbles and play with my ONE letters. 

Baby can then take a dip in my tiny roll top bath, have a splash, listen to some music then get wrapped in a fluffy towel before heading home.



 Birthday Bubbles sessions, are my alternative to a cake smash, but are jam packed with fun.


 If you're looking for an experience and way to mark your baby's first birthday. Why not consider booking a  session with me that doesn't feel like a photoshoot, but a mini celebration.

These sessions take place in an afternoon to work around nap times, and last approx 1 hour.